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Your Trigger to Success!
Advanced Management Methods

Most managers hate constraints and bottlenecks. After all constraints and bottlenecks cause delays, don’t they? Lewis Trigger presents a complete turnaround, showing managers to value their constraints by leveraging them - to look after them, to protect them from nasty surprises, and to enable managers to deliver consistently better results from the resources you already have. After all Constraints and bottlenecks are what ultimately controls the output of your business. Constraint Innovation based on the internationally acclaimed Theory of Constraints (ToC) and combines other leading management doctrines such as Lean, Agile, Concurrent Engineering, System’s Thinking, Risk Management.

Lewis Trigger (MBA, MSc, PMP) is a recognized international expert in Constraint Innovation.  Constraint Innovation is applicable to any organization or system. It is all about unlocking value via leveraging the organization’s constraints, be it operational, market, policy….whatever obstacle there is that prevents the organization from getting that much closer to its goal.


Constraint Innovation is all about being EFFECTIVE rather than EFFICIENT.

Our Message
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  • Effective instead of Efficient

  • System Improvement instead of Local Optimum

  • Client Empowerment

  • Enhancing Inner Strengths

  • Integrity

  • Constant Revival


Our Mission is to make a significant difference in furthering the goals of our clients through leveraging their inner strengths and comparative advantages.  To this end, we empower the client's key personnel to effectively apply advanced management doctrines through Constraint Innovation, in all key management areas: - Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Development, Engineering, Customer Service,  HR, and Quality.

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The Co.' is led by its founder Lewis Trigger, an Australian Israeli who has been residing in Israel for the past 41 years.  He is a recognized international expert in Constraint Innovation, based on the Theory Of Constraints (TOC). He holds 3 degrees from prestigious academic institutions and has over 25 years of experience as an accomplished practitioner and mentor.  He specializes in Operations and Project Management )PMP(.   Lewis's initial industrial engineering experience comes from the Israeli Air Force where he served as an officer for 16 years In addition to Lewis, the Co.' is supported by a team of experts, each being a recognized leader in his field. To provide a system's solution the following expertise is provided:  System's Engineering, Creative Thinking, Lean for manufacturing and project management, Negotiations, Behavioral Sciences, Strategic Mapping.

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