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The 2'nd Temple

a unique visit from a Project Management perspective

one day tour



Lewis Trigger, an Australian expatriate, has a developed a unique day tour focusing on the 2'nd Temple built by King Herod 2,000 years ago.  This one of a kind tour was initially developed by Lewis as part of the formal training for all the Project Management Officers in the Israeli Air Force and has been part of the training syllabus for the last 10 years.  Lewis, an Industrial Engineer, who served as an officer in the Israeli Air force for 16 years, combines his experience and knowledge in Project Management together with his previous experience as a tour guide specializing in Jerusalem, to create this fascinating tour that revisits "Herod's Temple" from a modern management perspective.   Lewis has adapted the tour to a wider audience that includes management teams from Hi-Tech organizations as well as visiting executives from Overseas together with their family and friends.


Tour details

The tours begin at Jaffa Gate, uncovering findings that give testimony to the siege of Jerusalem that led to the destruction of the 2'nd Temple in 70 CE.

From there the tour continues to the courtyard of "The Citadel" the original site from where King Herod ruled, initiated and oversaw his supreme project that overshadowed all his other achievements, namely rebuilding of the 2'nd Temple. 

Through Zion Gate and heading eastward hugging the outer southern wall of the Old City, the tour uncovers the remains of what was the original aqueduct system that fed fresh water from Solomon's Pool , 20 km's to the south of Jerusalem, to the Temple Mount itself.  

The tour finally arrives at the foot of the Temple Mount via Dung Gate and focuses on the treasure of archeological finds that allow us to piece together this Mega National Project that is the center piece of the Jewish people's collective memory.  The tour combines the impressive exhibition of artifacts at the Davidson Centre together with uncovered archeological findings surrounding the outer Western and Southern Walls of the original Temple Mount that encompassed the sacred Mount Moriah.  A computerized simulation model at the Davidson Centre, based on the archeological findings at the site, is used to piece together the entirety and magnificence of the rebuilt 2'nd temple, a crowning event of the Jewish people and a site that was recognized as one of the true wanders of the ancient classical world.

The tour returns to Jaffa gate via the Jewish quarter where more archeological findings connected to the 2'nd illuminate what was one of the construction marvels of the Biblical Jewish Nation. 


Tour duration

6.5 hours



8000 ₪  (shekels) – 2000 Euros.  The cost does not include entrance fees to the Davidson Center, transportation, or meals.


"On behalf of the Systems Engineering Course Participants, I would like to gratefully thank you

for the lovely tour you conducted last week.  The delightful scenery combined with your intriguing

commentary and guidance made the tour an educational, interesting and enlightening experience

It is my humble opinion that every Logic employee should take part in such a tour."

Shalom Cohen - Logic Industries Ltd.


"I would like to personally convey you my thanks and appreciation. It was creative, interesting

and your enthusiasm surely added a great deal to this positive experience. It is comforting to see

someone who enjoys what he is doing.

I also admire your personal story and your Zionism spirit.

Many thanks. יישר כוח. Keep it going …"  Boaz Ogen, PMP

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