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Managing Constraints to Optimise Outcomes

Introductory Session

Based on the internationally acclaimed doctrine “Theory of Constraints” (ToC)



Most managers hate constraints and bottlenecks. After all constraints and bottlenecks cause delays, don’t they?  Lewis Trigger presents a complete turnaround, showing managers to value their constraints by leveraging them - to look after them, to protect them from nasty surprises, and so enable managers to deliver consistently better results from the resources you already have. After all Constraints and bottlenecks are what ultimately controls the output of your business.   Meet Lewis and hear the story of constraints and learn the management technique which can make them your "friend" too.  Constraint Innovation based on the internationally acclaimed Theory of Constraints (ToC), and combines other leading management doctrines such as Lean. 

In this introductory session on Constraint Innovation, international CI expert Lewis Trigger shares common sense, practical solutions. CI addresses the challenge of “Unlocking Value” via leveraging your Constraints be it Resource Constraints, Policy Constraints, as well as a Market Constraint (i.e., the Public). 


Within the allocated time, Lewis conveys the central themes of Constraint Innovation through a personal story during his officer training for the Israeli Air Force.   The story revolves around a desert training exercise in which the "Constraint" is the slowest trooper by the name "Herbie".  All of Constraint Innovation fundamentals are employed in the story, showing how we "leverage" Herbie and achieve the desired outcome.  Herbie's story is the story of every system, where ultimately the outcomes of all organizations are dictated by how we manage our Constraints, our "Herbies".

The Facilitator

Lewis Trigger is a recognized international expert in Constraint Innovation.  Australian-born, Israel resident, Lewis is an industrial engineer (MBA, MSc, PMP), with over 25 years of experience in applying Theory of Constraints (TOC) within the Israeli military’s maintenance; engineering, and logistics systems, within government and private industry.

Over the last 18 years, Lewis has shared his expertise through his workshops to many leading Australian organizations such as Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining, Iluka Resources, Schweppes / Asahi, Visy, Arnott’s, The Australian Submarine Corporation, The Adelaide Health Service, Government agencies at a Federal, State, and Local level.  He has also been active in the Indian market.

To hear Lewis, click on the following link



“You are a natural teacher and storyteller, Lewis. Your ability to communicate something quite complex, in a way that we can immediately understand and apply, is genius.” – Dr. Sarah Kelly, previous MBA Director – Business School – University of Queensland

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