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About The Company

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The Co.' "Lewis Trigger - Consultants & Management Ltd" is an Industrial Engineering Consultancy Co.' that specializes in the following areas: Advanced Management Techniques (based on TOC & Lean), Project Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, Productivity Investigations, Metrics, and Work Flow Design. The Co.' is led by its founder Lewis Trigger who is a recognized international expert in Constraint Innovation based on the Theory Of  Constraints (TOC). He holds 3 academic degrees,  with over 25 years of experience as an accomplished practitioner and mentors in Operations and Project Management.   He teaches Management courses in several Israeli colleges including the prestigious M.B.A program at the University of Tel Aviv.


Our values

  • Effective instead of Efficient

  • System Improvement instead of Local Optimum

  • Client Empowerment

  • Enhancing Inner Strengths

  • Integrity

  • Constant Revival

Our mission

Our Mission is to make a significant difference in furthering the goals of our clients through leveraging their inner strengths and comparative advantages.  To this end we empower the client's key personnel to effectively apply advanced management doctrines in all key management areas: - Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Development, Engineering, Customer Service,  HR and Quality

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